The UN is the Enemy

I admit it. I am a conservative, and loathe big government. I especially loathe the UN, which is even bigger government, run by 179 members that are our sworn enemies. So, when the words UN and treaty come up, my antennae are raised to the highest.

There are actually two parts to this post. The first is an innocent enough sounding treaty allegedly about persons with disabilities. Who could argue about that? Well, some maybe, especially considering that it is just a subterfuge. It is, after all a UN endeavor. Heritage has a very good article that you can read here.

The second part is the upcoming UN conference on “Climate”, that is nothing more than a money and power grab, disguised as a “treaty”. The CFACT article is here. When you get to the end, CFACT has a couple more articles that are well worth your time. You might even want to sign up.


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