Doha is here. Be Fearful

Once again, the UN is upon us. They have scheduled “conferences” in Doha, Qatar, starting today, and continuing through December 7. Originally, this was scheduled to be a continuation of “Climate” talks, aimed at both renewing the Kyoto treaty, and imposing new energy (carbon) taxes on developed nations – such as the US. I warned about this previously. For more information. go to

But recently, the conferences have morphed into something much bigger. They have added UN control of the internet as another treaty proposal. ( Who wouldn’t want the UN in charge of the Internet? (Sentient beings excluded, of course.)

And, they have added the “Disabilities Treaty” to the agenda. Sounds nice, but it takes away sovereignty from the US. The one country with the most laws and protections of the disabled than any other single nation. See the Foundry at Heritage.

And, therein lies the problem. None of this is about the alleged issues. It is all about the single minded UN Agenda. Namely, One World Government. These are all issues relating to power and money. The UN wants the power, and we (and to a lesser extent Europe) are not only expected to, but demanded to provide the money.

Even though we do not have it. Fiscal Cliff, anyone? But, Obama and the Administration are firmly behind all of this. Egging it on, actually.

Well, you voted for it. Can you live with it?


One thought on “Doha is here. Be Fearful

  1. Bruce says:

    Well Roger………….even Pravda said what is the matter with “The Land of The Free”? The US has not learned the lesson that we already learned………..Communism doesn’t work!
    This group is no smarter than any of the others that have tried to build utopia and at the same time ignore basic human nature.
    More ‘takers’ than ‘makers’ now………..
    BTW the unemployment numbers this year were adjusted upward…..any surprise anyone?
    A rational conversation can neither be had with the irrational nor the dishonest.

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