Why are we here, at the brink?


The “Fiscal Cliff” has consumed innumerable hours of press time (both air and print) for a “crisis” that was actually the intended result of the failed debt ceiling negotiations of 2011. Although all of the pundits and politicians never thought it would not be worked out, here we are. But don’t worry about this too much. The creeps that manufactured the “crisis” will develop work arounds that will, in the end, be worse than the alleged “cliff”.

The bigger question is why we are here at all. Other than the obvious answer that all politicians are only interested in maintaining power (as opposed to actually serving constituents), there are some underlying fundamental things in society that both drive the ruling class, and are deeply troubling for the rest of us. The first of these is the fact that half of our fellow citizens pay no income tax whatsoever. They have no “skin in the game” for whatever the government does. I dragged up a old Heritage chart to display this. It is here. There are also links within to show more problems.

The other big problem is the decay of the family, which is accelerating. Fatherless families are on an exponential rise. The Breitbart article is here. This is just another dependent class that is driving an even bigger government.

Politicians react according to where the populace is – both geographically and economically. More’s the pity, and the greater the worry.

Think about this on New Years.


The Assault Weapons Ban is not benign. It Is Evil.


You may or may not have seen it earlier. Diane Feinstein (D CA) has proposed to reintroduce her 1994 “Assault Weapons” ban that was not renewed in 2004. Not so bad, you think. It did not do much, if anything then. Why worry?

Well start worrying. In fact, start sweating bullets. This version of the ban has little to do with “Assault Weapons”. It has everything to do with creating a national gun registry, with fingerprints, driver ID, and local police certification for every gun and every gun owner in the USA. It also funds the Justice Department (think Eric Holder) to oversee the whole thing.

What could possibly go wrong? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the rest would be proud of this. Let us know who you are, what you have – including serial numbers – and we know exactly where to go to get them. Goodbye, Freedom.

While I do not think that the proposed bill has a snowball’s chance in congress, I do fear that parts of it will sneak through, thereby putting the camel’s nose under the tent.

Freedom Outpost has a synopsis here.  Links to Sen. Feinstein’s site are included.  A downloadable PDF document is available there. As you will see, I did not exaggerate.

A Climate Change Game Changer?


Normally, news about IPCC (UN) reports rattle around the blogs, which get little notice in the Lamestream media. This time around, it is a little different. A draft of the upcoming IPCC AR 5 report was leaked, and it shows that temperature projections by the IPCC are rather remarkably different from reality.

First reported by Anthony Watts,the leaked report has been picked up by a bunch of people, not just the skeptical blogs. Today, it showed up at Forbes, and the Washington Times. That version is here.You will want to expand the graph to get the full import.

Will this get enough traction to change the argument? Danged if I know. I can only hope.

The IPPC #5 Report is a Loser


It seems now that the theory of Global Climate Change (Formerly Global Warming) was nothing but a house of cards, after all. The Wall Street Journal has a word or two to say about the upcoming IPCC 5 report, which you can read here.

If that is not enough, Tim Ball has the full report, which you can read at http://www.wattsupwiththat.com.
Great article, but very long, and rather math heavy. It is also a bit pedantic.  But, It is good, and worth understanding.

Regulations and the “Administrative State”


I warned on this blog before that an entire tide of new regulations was coming. It was only held back due to the election. The Socialist in chief knew that the new regulations would create a backlash that would endanger his re-election. That was then. Now, here they come. In a Heritage article today, they lay out the regulations that they know about that are in the pipeline. Read it here.

Done? Did you notice a different term, “The Administrative State”? Well, I had to go looking too. The definition alone is too deep for this blog. But, here is an article, also from Heritage that has everything you ever wanted (or didn’t want) to know. What it is, the history of how we got here, what it means, and how to defeat it. A couple of caveats:

1) This is a very long article, about 40 minutes of reading. But , at the beginning, you can download a PDF, to be swallowed one bite at a time (recommended).

2) You will also come to the conclusion that the crop of Republicans that are currently in congress are nowhere near to the task of undoing the leviathan.

Here is a snippet from the article.   (This is fair use, and not an infringement.)

Today, Members of Congress have strong incentives to avoid taking responsibility for lawmaking. Making law inevitably angers some of a Member’s constituents while pleasing others. Thus, lawmaking is a risk-reward proposition: Although the Member might be rewarded by constituents for his or her vote on a particular bill, there is a high likelihood of losing constituents’ support because of that same vote.

As a result, Members of Congress like to delegate lawmaking power to an agency or department, let it take the heat for angering citizens, and ride to the rescue by conducting“casework,” or the process of helping a constituent when the constituent is aggrieved by said agency or department. [75] By doing so, Congress abdicates responsibility for making the law in hopes of gaining credit for helping particular constituents.

What say you?

Something to Really Fear


With everything else going on, it is easy to miss a small piece of news that has only been reported By Breitbart, and others such as Freedom Outpost in the conservative media. Only the Brits, in the mainstream had any reporting, but it was limited, and not widely distributed anywhere beyond the British Isles. Other news overshadowed everything.

But, what in the world could be worse than a group of 18 Central Bankers from across the world meeting behind closed doors twice a year, running an experiment on the global economy? Answer: Nothing you can imagine. This is likely to make the “fiscal cliff” look like child’s play.

Read the Breitbart article here. Then, you decide. It appears to me that powers that are both unelected and elected have decided that there will be a “one world government”. Please tell me why and where I am wrong.

Its Back, and It is not Good


The “Farm Bill” is back, and the left is demanding that it be inserted into the “Cliff” negotiations. I saw this several times today, including Freedom Outpost, and Newsmax, as well as here. Curiously, nobody mentioned that the “Farm Bill” is mostly loaded with “SNAP” (formerly known as food stamp) benefits (75 -80% of the total).

Regardless, Breitbart News had an article about the other deleterious effects of the bill that I only tangentially was aware of. Wow! It is even worse than I already thought – and I thought it was horrible to begin with. Please read the article here.

So, What is next? Let us dive off of the cliff, and blame Obama and the Democrats. It probably won’t stick, given the proclivities of the mainstream press, but it will not be as bad as advertised, either. Many of the taxes can be ducked, and will be. The alleged “draconian” cuts are actually only reductions in the rate of spending growth, not actual dollar reductions in spending. Much ado about very little.

What say you?