Its Back, and It is not Good


The “Farm Bill” is back, and the left is demanding that it be inserted into the “Cliff” negotiations. I saw this several times today, including Freedom Outpost, and Newsmax, as well as here. Curiously, nobody mentioned that the “Farm Bill” is mostly loaded with “SNAP” (formerly known as food stamp) benefits (75 -80% of the total).

Regardless, Breitbart News had an article about the other deleterious effects of the bill that I only tangentially was aware of. Wow! It is even worse than I already thought – and I thought it was horrible to begin with. Please read the article here.

So, What is next? Let us dive off of the cliff, and blame Obama and the Democrats. It probably won’t stick, given the proclivities of the mainstream press, but it will not be as bad as advertised, either. Many of the taxes can be ducked, and will be. The alleged “draconian” cuts are actually only reductions in the rate of spending growth, not actual dollar reductions in spending. Much ado about very little.

What say you?


2 thoughts on “Its Back, and It is not Good

  1. Some people really do need the help. However the Farm Bill is another money laundering scheme, another stimulus type bribe bill. This is what the left is all about. The left is good with giving names to programs, names that fool everyone into buying into the program or make it easy to shame the ones that don’t. Take the word Farm out of the bill and call it bribe money.

  2. Bruce says:

    Well, YES. Wonder why the voters repeatedly elect these dimwits. The entire ‘hypothetical’ battle between Boehner and BO is just a ruse to try to ‘make believe’ they are really coming from a different perspective. Boehner will probably become a democrat before his next election. No spine is no spine. It is all about pandering for votes and nothing more.

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