Regulations and the “Administrative State”


I warned on this blog before that an entire tide of new regulations was coming. It was only held back due to the election. The Socialist in chief knew that the new regulations would create a backlash that would endanger his re-election. That was then. Now, here they come. In a Heritage article today, they lay out the regulations that they know about that are in the pipeline. Read it here.

Done? Did you notice a different term, “The Administrative State”? Well, I had to go looking too. The definition alone is too deep for this blog. But, here is an article, also from Heritage that has everything you ever wanted (or didn’t want) to know. What it is, the history of how we got here, what it means, and how to defeat it. A couple of caveats:

1) This is a very long article, about 40 minutes of reading. But , at the beginning, you can download a PDF, to be swallowed one bite at a time (recommended).

2) You will also come to the conclusion that the crop of Republicans that are currently in congress are nowhere near to the task of undoing the leviathan.

Here is a snippet from the article.   (This is fair use, and not an infringement.)

Today, Members of Congress have strong incentives to avoid taking responsibility for lawmaking. Making law inevitably angers some of a Member’s constituents while pleasing others. Thus, lawmaking is a risk-reward proposition: Although the Member might be rewarded by constituents for his or her vote on a particular bill, there is a high likelihood of losing constituents’ support because of that same vote.

As a result, Members of Congress like to delegate lawmaking power to an agency or department, let it take the heat for angering citizens, and ride to the rescue by conducting“casework,” or the process of helping a constituent when the constituent is aggrieved by said agency or department. [75] By doing so, Congress abdicates responsibility for making the law in hopes of gaining credit for helping particular constituents.

What say you?


One thought on “Regulations and the “Administrative State”

  1. Bruce says:

    Well…………., we elect these folks under a false premise, they actually believe that getting laws passed is a productive behavior! Now, with decade upon decade, of this improper conception we are faced with a self perpetuating leviathan of bureaucrats.
    if a law passes, power is given to the government. This of course means that the power of the individual is further compromised and freedom is lost by the individual.
    Next comes the enforcement and the need for more government employees……….what a tragedy.
    Of course, they read everything and are all knowing so they would never pass anything that is redundant or in conflict with existing law.
    Oops, then of course they repeal or modify existing law to accommodate for the error………..NO. Why not?
    We have so many laws and regulations already that it is virtually impossible to be ‘in compliance’ with them all.
    Oh yeah, instead of repealing the redundancy or conflict……..they pass a new law to correct something they didn’t read in the first place or understand the unintended consequences of it’s implementation.
    Guess we can just create a study panel! ………..of course they will take the recommendation of the people appointed to ‘read’ and/or study what has just been done……………maybe not.
    It will not make any difference who is elected until the person elected is rewarded for the repeal and inappropriate ‘lawmaking’ that we are clearly burdened by and allow people to live in relative freedom from the misguided.
    Guess we are just not as smart as the idiots that run the asylum.
    (We have to pass it to see what is in it)
    (Wake Island will capsize if we send more people there)
    (Whatever the constitution says………that where I stand)
    (No budget for 4 years!!!???) (How does that happen?)
    (of course there is much more)

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