The Assault Weapons Ban is not benign. It Is Evil.


You may or may not have seen it earlier. Diane Feinstein (D CA) has proposed to reintroduce her 1994 “Assault Weapons” ban that was not renewed in 2004. Not so bad, you think. It did not do much, if anything then. Why worry?

Well start worrying. In fact, start sweating bullets. This version of the ban has little to do with “Assault Weapons”. It has everything to do with creating a national gun registry, with fingerprints, driver ID, and local police certification for every gun and every gun owner in the USA. It also funds the Justice Department (think Eric Holder) to oversee the whole thing.

What could possibly go wrong? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the rest would be proud of this. Let us know who you are, what you have – including serial numbers – and we know exactly where to go to get them. Goodbye, Freedom.

While I do not think that the proposed bill has a snowball’s chance in congress, I do fear that parts of it will sneak through, thereby putting the camel’s nose under the tent.

Freedom Outpost has a synopsis here.  Links to Sen. Feinstein’s site are included.  A downloadable PDF document is available there. As you will see, I did not exaggerate.


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