World Temperatures and Grain Production


Sometimes, a person needs to take a bit of a break from the weighty issues of the day. A sanity check, of sorts, and a bit of fun, too.

Today was one heck of a bad day for the IPCC and global warmists in general. Deutsche Bank quit trading Carbon futures, when the EU price dropped below $4/Mton. Goodbye, carbon market. The Japanese government released temperature data for the last 30 years that is lower than the data from NOAA, or the IPCC.

And, Willis Eschenbach of WWUT published an article that eviscerates the claim that warming will severely hamper grain yields. This one is fun, because it debunks the most recent claims by Paul Ehrlich, one of my most despised (alleged) “scientists”. Read it here.


More Gun Control. Special Forces Weigh In


I am afraid that Gun Control will be a recurring topic for the next few months. Why? Because liberals will not let it go, and will continue to push the limits.

A refreshing article from Freedom Outpost says why not. Included in the article is a link to a letter signed by 1100 special forces troops that is quite specific about why they object. I am with them.

I encourage you to read the Freedom Outpost article here, and to click the link to the original letter contained therein.

Another Direction


Hmmm. It seems that Ted Cruz (Sen., TX) is casting a bit of a wider footprint than a normal freshman senator has. Good for him. He was one of only fourSenators that voted against Kerry. Even Better. Too damned bad that our own Senator – Rob Portman – did not vote likewise. If you thought that Rob was a conservative, you may well want to reconsider.

See the Breitbart article about Ted Cruz Here.

The Coming Gun Ban Legislation


I think that we all aware of the coming Feinstein proposed law to ban “Assault Weapons”. The problem is (as has been previously reported here) that the proposed law goes way, way beyond “Assault Weapons”. The scope of the law is almost unimaginable in America, and would change everything regarding guns and gun ownership. The NRA (finally and belatedly) weighed in. Read it here. It is worth the read.

But, the article is not comprehensive. There are more parts and ramifications than they report. For an expanded view, read the Breitbart article here.

So, what to think? Anyone that complies with this law is stupid. You become a person on a national register. And the feds then know where to come to confiscate your legitimately owned firearms.

The 2nd Amendment Means?


You have all read plenty about the new proposed legislation regarding gun control. Some of it published here.

But what, in the broader context, does it all mean? It means that the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights are being further eroded. The American Thinker had an excellent article on this today, which you can read here.

Go think about it. Who is sovereign? You? Or the State? If it isn’t You, you have just become a subject, not a citizen. Think again.

We are in Deep SH**


Last night, I posted a message on another web site about the need to take action, and call people to head off the $50.7 Billion addition to the “Sandy” aid package that includes as much in “Community Block Grants” (Read: Socialist Meddling) as it does in actual aid to any one actually affected by the storm. Not to mention Alaska fishery grants, and a host of other stuff that bore no relation to the storm.

But, whatever we did, it was far, far from enough. The house, where Republicans have a huge numerical advantage, passed this pork by a rather amazing margin. Read the Breitbart article here. We, the people, lost. Rather big time.

As I said elsewhere, the government, especially our elected officials of both parties cannot be trusted to to the right thing – ever. It is a totally corrupt enterprise, now.

Gun Control – Exactly Why?


I really do not where to start. I began this blog primarily to talk about the fraud of Global Warming. It is still a fraud. but other events have taken the fore. We, unfortunately experienced a madman that killed 20 students and six other people – including himself, and the left went absolutely bonkers over gun control. Because that is what they do. Facts are no deterrent. Witness Diane Feinstein’s bill that will be introduced an Jan 22. Ban everything, including handguns and pump shotguns. To what end, pray tell?

Maybe you have seen the article that shows that the idiotic newspaper that published the names and addresses of gun licensed gun owners in a couple of New York counties has resulted in death threats to both corrections officers families and retired policemen. No? See it here.

Regardless, the administration is hell bent on gun control – if not the outright repeal of the 2nd amendment. And it will be coming fast. Read the article Here.

More worrying is the prospect (fact?) that some RINOs are also in bed with this, for all the wrong reasons. Our old (really old) ex-friend John McCain is in the lead. Not because it is the right thing to do, but because he has a beef with Rand Paul (KY) that pushed the old fool over whatever edge he was leaning on. Read it here.

This is a travesty.  Who would have ever thought that this was the way that a Republic form of government is supposed to work?

Thoughts, anyone?


This is all so pathetic. It looks like we 2nd amendment types will be left high and dry by our alleged representatives. So, you need to figure out what you are going to do when DHS, with their millions of rounds of 0.40 hollow points comes knocking.