Gun Control – Exactly Why?


I really do not where to start. I began this blog primarily to talk about the fraud of Global Warming. It is still a fraud. but other events have taken the fore. We, unfortunately experienced a madman that killed 20 students and six other people – including himself, and the left went absolutely bonkers over gun control. Because that is what they do. Facts are no deterrent. Witness Diane Feinstein’s bill that will be introduced an Jan 22. Ban everything, including handguns and pump shotguns. To what end, pray tell?

Maybe you have seen the article that shows that the idiotic newspaper that published the names and addresses of gun licensed gun owners in a couple of New York counties has resulted in death threats to both corrections officers families and retired policemen. No? See it here.

Regardless, the administration is hell bent on gun control – if not the outright repeal of the 2nd amendment. And it will be coming fast. Read the article Here.

More worrying is the prospect (fact?) that some RINOs are also in bed with this, for all the wrong reasons. Our old (really old) ex-friend John McCain is in the lead. Not because it is the right thing to do, but because he has a beef with Rand Paul (KY) that pushed the old fool over whatever edge he was leaning on. Read it here.

This is a travesty.  Who would have ever thought that this was the way that a Republic form of government is supposed to work?

Thoughts, anyone?


This is all so pathetic. It looks like we 2nd amendment types will be left high and dry by our alleged representatives. So, you need to figure out what you are going to do when DHS, with their millions of rounds of 0.40 hollow points comes knocking.


One thought on “Gun Control – Exactly Why?

  1. W.c. Litzinger says:

    Don’t forget Hammers and Blunt objects!

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