The Coming Gun Ban Legislation


I think that we all aware of the coming Feinstein proposed law to ban “Assault Weapons”. The problem is (as has been previously reported here) that the proposed law goes way, way beyond “Assault Weapons”. The scope of the law is almost unimaginable in America, and would change everything regarding guns and gun ownership. The NRA (finally and belatedly) weighed in. Read it here. It is worth the read.

But, the article is not comprehensive. There are more parts and ramifications than they report. For an expanded view, read the Breitbart article here.

So, what to think? Anyone that complies with this law is stupid. You become a person on a national register. And the feds then know where to come to confiscate your legitimately owned firearms.


One thought on “The Coming Gun Ban Legislation

  1. Bruce says:

    Well now…… we go again with another knee jerk reaction with absolutely ‘no’ real impact on the crazies or the criminals. Taking away an inanimate object from the 99% that do the right thing to curb the actions of the 1% that never obeyed the laws. Brilliant. More people are killed in car crashes than by guns………OK let’s take those away too…..”if we can save just one life then we should do something”…..of course not just do something stupid that doesn’t account for the cultural decay or the mental stability, or the sociopaths. Lovely!
    Control, control, control. How about sending the imbeciles to jail the first time! I don’t care if they had a tough childhood or they are not just understood.

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