World Temperatures and Grain Production


Sometimes, a person needs to take a bit of a break from the weighty issues of the day. A sanity check, of sorts, and a bit of fun, too.

Today was one heck of a bad day for the IPCC and global warmists in general. Deutsche Bank quit trading Carbon futures, when the EU price dropped below $4/Mton. Goodbye, carbon market. The Japanese government released temperature data for the last 30 years that is lower than the data from NOAA, or the IPCC.

And, Willis Eschenbach of WWUT published an article that eviscerates the claim that warming will severely hamper grain yields. This one is fun, because it debunks the most recent claims by Paul Ehrlich, one of my most despised (alleged) “scientists”. Read it here.


One thought on “World Temperatures and Grain Production

  1. Bruce says:

    Good more corn and rice…………Less global warming credibility.
    A good thing ideed!

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