Illegal immigrant release? There is more!


I hate to sound like Billy Mays, but, by now, you have all heard about the release of about 55,000 illegal immigrants from detention. Blamed, of course on the upcoming “sequester”, which, in and of itself is a bald faced lie. There is no sequestration – yet.

But, as Billy Mays used to say: Wait! There’s more!

The more is that this is just a continuation of illegal actions from the Obama administration. Get up to date here.

And then try to figure out how the heck we get out of this temporal version of Hell.


Hmm. What’s Next?


We all know by now that the Feinstein resolution is headed for a Senate vote. But wait! There’s more! The administration is also dividing up the bill into four different pieces, hoping to get at least one through.

The piece that they are hanging their hat on is a requirement for universal background checks, which they perceive as a winner. Except for the inconvenient fact that universal background checks are nothing but a precursor to universal gun registration, which all of us second amendment types recognize instantly . And, it would eliminate the ability of a gun owner to pass his his/her arms along to the heirs of a will, or sell them to a friend.

And now, even the head of the Chicago Police admits that this is a failed system an strategy. Breitbart has it here.

OK, Next stupid idea, please.

A very captivating message


This post is different than most. Red State had a very unusual article that looks at us – yes, all of us – as subjects, not citizens. It is sometimes amusing, sometimes infuriating, and mostly on the mark. Unfortunately, it strikes the chord of truth. To the Government, we are mere subjects to be governed. Not Citizens to be served.

Read the Red State article here.

And then, tell me where it (and I) went wrong.

The Apex of Hyprocrisy


Once again, Obama has gone beyond the pale. He delivered a particularly hateful speech today against the coming sequester, blaming Republicans for all kinds of evils, including first responder layoffs. This is the absolute apex of hypocrisy for at least two main reasons:

1) The “Sequester” was his idea, and his proposal. The Republicans went along with it in the 2011 budget fiasco to at least get some future budget cuts in return for a debt ceiling increase. Now, the Prince of Lies is blaming them for his OWN plan.

2) There are no actual “cuts” – defined as a reduction of dollars actively being spent in the alleged sequester. The alleged cuts are only reductions in the level of forecast spending, brought to you by the magic of baseline budgeting, where anticipated spending increases are automatically baked into the budget. “Draconian Cuts”? Hardly. Merely decreases in the planned rate of increases.

And yes, I know that I am sidewise with some conservative groups that I normally support on this. But, I have done my homework. There are no real cuts, just cuts in the rate of growth, and that is only $82.5 B – out of $3.4 T in total spending. Just a bit more than the recently passed Sandy Relief bill of $60 B, and less than the $85 B/Mo than the Fed leaks out in QE4.

And we are supposed to swallow this whole? You can get the flavor of it by reading a Red State article here. Or, go directly to Red State or Human Events, and get a whole lot more. Sickening.

Conservatives Fighting Back


Hope Springs Eternal. I hope that this time it is more than just hope, because hope is not a strategy.

It now seems that several conservative groups are going to align themselves against Karl Rove and his Orwellian named fund. Karl Rove is no conservative, and his “Conservative Fund” is anything but. It is an all out effort to defeat true conservatives at the primary level, leaving only establishment Republicans (read: RINOs) standing.

I like the groups that are aligned already, but I am a bit dismayed that Freedomworks, Heritage Action for America, and others are not signed on as well. As a member of both (and a Heritage Sentinel) I will work on them from within.

I do encourage you to read the Breitbart article about the alliance so far here.

How did we get here in terms of schooling?


Sorry, but I have been gone awhile, taking care of long overdue commitments, and seeing our daughter in law. It was an interesting and enjoyable trip.

But, back to business. I received a post from a friend that really opened my eyes to something about our education system that I had not even considered. Although I have long thought that the Left had co-opted the education establishment for their own ends, I had no clue – as in not even a vestige of a clue – as to the history or roots of this. But, it is quite real, and more than a little bit scary,

I must give fair warning. This is a long, involved read. I had to read it twice to get the full impact. But it is worth every minute, and will open your eyes to something that you may not want to see.

Read it here.

And tell me what you think.

The Oil and Gas Lies


I have heard it seemingly forever. Peak oil. Peak Gas. The coming shortage – and, by implication, the end of civilization as we know it.

Except that it never happened. And here is an article by Willis Eschenbach to explain why it hasn’t. It will get you thinking outside of the box that the Climate folks, Mainstream Media, and Liberals generally want us to stay in. Read the WWUT article here.

I hope that you read it and now have a somewhat different frame of reference than you are used to.