How did we get here in terms of schooling?


Sorry, but I have been gone awhile, taking care of long overdue commitments, and seeing our daughter in law. It was an interesting and enjoyable trip.

But, back to business. I received a post from a friend that really opened my eyes to something about our education system that I had not even considered. Although I have long thought that the Left had co-opted the education establishment for their own ends, I had no clue – as in not even a vestige of a clue – as to the history or roots of this. But, it is quite real, and more than a little bit scary,

I must give fair warning. This is a long, involved read. I had to read it twice to get the full impact. But it is worth every minute, and will open your eyes to something that you may not want to see.

Read it here.

And tell me what you think.


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