Conservatives Fighting Back


Hope Springs Eternal. I hope that this time it is more than just hope, because hope is not a strategy.

It now seems that several conservative groups are going to align themselves against Karl Rove and his Orwellian named fund. Karl Rove is no conservative, and his “Conservative Fund” is anything but. It is an all out effort to defeat true conservatives at the primary level, leaving only establishment Republicans (read: RINOs) standing.

I like the groups that are aligned already, but I am a bit dismayed that Freedomworks, Heritage Action for America, and others are not signed on as well. As a member of both (and a Heritage Sentinel) I will work on them from within.

I do encourage you to read the Breitbart article about the alliance so far here.


One thought on “Conservatives Fighting Back

  1. Bruce says:

    Some people had their ‘best’ days in high school as a jock or perhaps a cheerleader. They just can’t grow to accept that the world has not stood still.
    Technology, communications, social networking, demographics and other conditions change and require different approaches and strategies and tools to get the job done.
    In construction power tools has made builders more efficient, when they work, but when the power goes out they are to some degree helpless.
    Rove and other RINOs are trying to relive past glories using the same old tools and approaches and are draining resources from and dividing the efforts to curb the progressive onslaught.
    Unless the Repubs can get together and act cohesively and send a message of understandable solutions to the problems facing the country…….they will continue to fail.
    Rove is a dinosaur, Hannity can’t let go of the past either. Repeating oneself to convert someone into a believer…….maybe they are doing that more to try to convince themselves that ‘the old way’ is not dead.
    The majority of Americans believe in the American dream and values, the problem with Rove and Hannity and Morris and the like is that they are not appealing to those values and common sense.
    It has become so tiresome listening to them spew the ‘they are bad we are good’ and ‘their ideas are wrong…..elect us and we will make it better’ that they have lost their congregation and they only have the choir left.
    Yes, their ideas are harmful and they spend too much. But at least they have an idea and they are cohesive. They have the only message! What should the low information voter think………when there is a vacuum of credible opposing opinion.
    The Repubs worst enemy is themselves as soon as one of them takes a position they are attacked by their own pointing out their weaknesses.
    I guess Bobby Jindal was right the Republican Party ‘is’ the party of ‘stupid’.
    If self reliance, competition and hard work and patriotism continues to be dirty words and we can’t hope for any other outcome.
    I just wonder if there is any spine left in the Republican party there certainly aren’t any statesmen to lead them.
    We are in the same situation that England was in the run up to WWII.
    Were is our Churchill? Where is another Reagan when he is so desperately needed.

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