The Apex of Hyprocrisy


Once again, Obama has gone beyond the pale. He delivered a particularly hateful speech today against the coming sequester, blaming Republicans for all kinds of evils, including first responder layoffs. This is the absolute apex of hypocrisy for at least two main reasons:

1) The “Sequester” was his idea, and his proposal. The Republicans went along with it in the 2011 budget fiasco to at least get some future budget cuts in return for a debt ceiling increase. Now, the Prince of Lies is blaming them for his OWN plan.

2) There are no actual “cuts” – defined as a reduction of dollars actively being spent in the alleged sequester. The alleged cuts are only reductions in the level of forecast spending, brought to you by the magic of baseline budgeting, where anticipated spending increases are automatically baked into the budget. “Draconian Cuts”? Hardly. Merely decreases in the planned rate of increases.

And yes, I know that I am sidewise with some conservative groups that I normally support on this. But, I have done my homework. There are no real cuts, just cuts in the rate of growth, and that is only $82.5 B – out of $3.4 T in total spending. Just a bit more than the recently passed Sandy Relief bill of $60 B, and less than the $85 B/Mo than the Fed leaks out in QE4.

And we are supposed to swallow this whole? You can get the flavor of it by reading a Red State article here. Or, go directly to Red State or Human Events, and get a whole lot more. Sickening.


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