Hmm. What’s Next?


We all know by now that the Feinstein resolution is headed for a Senate vote. But wait! There’s more! The administration is also dividing up the bill into four different pieces, hoping to get at least one through.

The piece that they are hanging their hat on is a requirement for universal background checks, which they perceive as a winner. Except for the inconvenient fact that universal background checks are nothing but a precursor to universal gun registration, which all of us second amendment types recognize instantly . And, it would eliminate the ability of a gun owner to pass his his/her arms along to the heirs of a will, or sell them to a friend.

And now, even the head of the Chicago Police admits that this is a failed system an strategy. Breitbart has it here.

OK, Next stupid idea, please.


One thought on “Hmm. What’s Next?

  1. Bruce says:

    This administration is the absolute best at distraction and overwhelming the system with a myriad of ‘problems’ to the detriment of getting anything important done.
    There has been a lot of progress on the progressive side, they dictate the gallons used when you flush your toilet, the kind of light bulbs you can have in your home, the amount of soft drink one can have per serving, LA county wants to ban the serving of meat on Mondays, MA wants to ban water bottles, no prayer in schools, no pledge of allegiance, erosion of the sanctity and belief in marriage and family, the insane push for ‘freedom from religion’ instead of ‘freedom of religion’, the promotion of violence in movies and video games.
    Busy group……….guess this mindset is working pretty well in Chicago where every political position is held by a progressive. No problems there.
    This battle is tiresome and bewildering and the Repubs have lost their way and the conservative efforts, including the Tea Party Patriots are being distracted and not picking their battles very well. Moving from issue to issue and not focusing upon the solutions and root cause.
    These are scary times.

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