Illegal immigrant release? There is more!


I hate to sound like Billy Mays, but, by now, you have all heard about the release of about 55,000 illegal immigrants from detention. Blamed, of course on the upcoming “sequester”, which, in and of itself is a bald faced lie. There is no sequestration – yet.

But, as Billy Mays used to say: Wait! There’s more!

The more is that this is just a continuation of illegal actions from the Obama administration. Get up to date here.

And then try to figure out how the heck we get out of this temporal version of Hell.


One thought on “Illegal immigrant release? There is more!

  1. Bruce says:

    Just another distraction manufactured by Cass Sunstein and crew to ‘overwhelm the system’. Kind of interesting…..BO didn’t know about this, didn’t know about fast and furious, didn’t know about Benghazi,….. guess he doesn’t know much……must not be a very good executive……Who hired this guy anyway???

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