The Truth Seeps Out


Sometimes, nuggets just fall into your lap. I have been publishing articles on the environment, and especially on the mindset of environmental wackos for years. To some of them, humankind is a scourge that needs to be cleansed. This is a hard case to make, let alone prove, since the vast majority of us do not want to believe that there is a relatively large segment of society that would prefer that humans no longer existed – except for themselves, of course.

Here is a retiring environmental reporter/editor in his own words. Chilling, isn’t it?


The Disability Issue. SSI


Well, last night I published a post on the CCTP site about the growth of SSI disability claims and payments. The original article was from Breitbart news.

And, today, the news world shifted. NPR (yes, you saw it right) came out wit a very expanded, in depth, but still readable article on that topic today. (In truth, I wish that I had seen this first.) Read that article here.

And tonight, Breitbart is back with an attack by Media Matters against – of all things – NPR and their article. It is here.

I am missing something. NPR reports on something, and Media Matters attacks them for it?

Usually, it is conservatives that form a circular firing squad, not liberals. Not this time, though.

Universal Background Check – Trojan Horse


The “universal background check” seems to be the area in the gun control debate (?) that the press, and certainly the left, is coalescing around. Amazingly, even some that are allegedly on the “right” side seem to agree. And no major pro gun organization has come out forthrightly in opposition.

What could possibly go wrong? Everything. With apologies to the American Thinker, I am blatantly swiping part of one of their Articles, copied below. I am just amazed that none of the major (or even minor) pro gun organizations has not picked up and expanded on this theme.

Here it is: “The left is seeking to fix the “gun-show loophole” problem with what they call a universal background check. It is all part of what Obama collectively terms a “common sense” approach to reasonable and responsible gun laws. First of all, the law would restrict law abiding citizens and have NO EFFECT on criminals obtaining guns. Watch the TV show “Sons of Anarchy” to get clued in to what a big business selling guns illegally really is. The left knows this, but they have no interest in actually cutting back on crime. What they really want is to disarm all of us who obey the law. Passing a universal background check law is how they will make firearm ownership illegal, and thereby confiscate our guns.

The UBC will require any citizen selling their gun to go through their local FFL dealer. That means: you find someone who wants to purchase your firearm. Both of you go to a gun store and pay the gun store a processing fee to do the paperwork on the sale. You leave the firearm at the gun store and if everything turns out okay, the purchaser comes back 30 days later and picks up his gun. If everything does not turn out okay (e.g. if the purchaser has an unpaid parking ticket from 5 years ago) then the sale does NOT go through. You get your gun back. (Or does it get held by BATFE for “processing?”) But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The worst part of UBC will be the check on the seller (that’s you and me). In the interest of getting illegal guns off the street, the left will want to throw in this little addition to the universal background check scheme: the seller must prove that they legally own the gun they are seeking to sell. I have a very modest gun collection (the number of guns just barely breaks into double digits). Half of the guns I have bought in the last several years, the other half go back to the 1970s and 80s. For example, I have a .22 my parents gave me for Christmas in 1980. My folks are long gone and I certainly don’t have a bill of sale for the rifle. Half of my guns fit this mold. I have no proof that I own them. All the government needs to do is write the law so the seller must provide proof of ownership (original bill of sale, in your name) and we are all in trouble. By this UBC law, the .22 my parents gave me 32 years ago is now an ILLEGAL GUN. What about the Mauser your grandfather brought back from Germany after WWII? Without a bill of sale, in YOUR name, that is an illegal gun. Under this law, every firearm that goes through probate could be considered illegal. When you die, you cannot leave your firearms to your family — they would be considered illegal and be confiscated. Not only that, if some widow unwittingly went to a gun store to sell her late husbands’ shotgun because she doesn’t need it, a background check on the seller will show that she does not own the gun in her name (legally) and she is now in possession of a stolen gun. The shotgun is confiscated and the woman may face criminal charges. The same thing goes for you. If you attempt to sell an old shotgun your father left you years ago, to your neighbor you have known for 10 years, both of you must go to the FFL dealer and fill out the paperwork. When it turns out you don’t have a bill of sale for the shotgun IN YOUR NAME, you are now in possession of an illegal gun. The shotgun will be confiscated and the police will now have a reason to search your house for any other illegal weapons you might have in your possession. That means they will legally take every gun you have and you will have to go to court to try and get any of them back. Good luck with that now that you are already on record attempting to traffic an illegal shotgun.

The universal background check to close the “gun show loophole” is the Holy Grail to the left and is their “common sense” approach to gun confiscation without firing a shot. Of course, there is an alternative where we can keep our guns. We simply bring all our guns to the government and officially register our weapons to show that we own them. Universal gun registration would give us official title to our guns and the left would accept that choice just as eagerly.

We must defeat the universal background check.”

Obamacare. You Lose, and Lose again


Well, Obamacare has been in the headlines over the last few days, but to what event (other than posturing)? Hmm. Not much.

The big problem is that the liberal media (or is that redundant?) keeps covering and hiding what Obamacare really means, and, just as importantly what it will REALLY Cost.

Two articles may help you. A Breitbart article is here, which will expand on my basis. In case you did not follow the links (and yes, there were way too many), here is back up for the story.

Another Front on Gun Control


While we are almost exclusively focused on the actions in the US legislatures on gun control, we are in danger of overlooking another front that is open, and has equally scary implications. The UN “Arms Trade Treaty” has language that would require all signatories to have complete gun registration. And the administration is now supporting this “treaty”. You can see more detail from Breitbart here.

I am in no way suggesting that we pay less attention to what is happening here. I am only encouraging everyone to continue to be aware that Obama & Co. have more than one front open in their war on the 2nd Amendment.

Back to Science. A complete switch.


I needed to clear my head of politics for a bit, and I got my chance today. One of the bases of my site is “science”, and I found a scientific article that absolutely tripped my trigger. Don’t get ahead of the story, though. This is research, not a done deal. But: Clean Energy, including transportation and clean cars from COAL? Yes, you read that right. See the original article here. It is not long, and definitely fun.

The Republicans Have Given Up


I have been fighting the fight over the de-funding of at least a portion of Obamacare for the last week. Most of this has happened on the Clermont County Tea Party web site, not here.

But, it now appears that we are defeated, and will not defund Obamacare, or any thing else during the upcoming votes, per Speaker Boehner. Excuse me, please. This SOB isn’t God. He is just another representative. And, he is unfit for office.

He, along with everyone else that goes along with him (Wenstrup, Jordan, Cantor, Etc.) need to be primaried. Go look for a viable candidate. Get them to run. Test the waters, at least.

Brietbart caused this particular rant. Read the article here.