The Republicans Have Given Up


I have been fighting the fight over the de-funding of at least a portion of Obamacare for the last week. Most of this has happened on the Clermont County Tea Party web site, not here.

But, it now appears that we are defeated, and will not defund Obamacare, or any thing else during the upcoming votes, per Speaker Boehner. Excuse me, please. This SOB isn’t God. He is just another representative. And, he is unfit for office.

He, along with everyone else that goes along with him (Wenstrup, Jordan, Cantor, Etc.) need to be primaried. Go look for a viable candidate. Get them to run. Test the waters, at least.

Brietbart caused this particular rant. Read the article here.


One thought on “The Republicans Have Given Up

  1. Bruce says:

    There are only politicians left in the Republican Party……’NO’ statesmen.
    Their inability to act with courage to oppose the tactics of the Chicago gangsters is embarrassing. Mr. Boehner has lost any and all crdibility as a leader. Even as a politician he is inept. He has given up everything for nothing except for the hope of reelection in his heavily democrat populated district……..sad when on can see it coming and held out hope against hope that the outcome would be different.

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