Moving the ball forward. Beyond Food Stamps


In the post of last night, we looked at the heavy hand of cronyism, and the influence of the big financial companies in mis-managing the food stamp program(s), and helping to apply rather perverse incentives that result in an ever widening client base. Also known as a growing dependency class.

So, with all this money, all of the outlets that accept EBT, and all of the people involved, you might be tempted to think that this a carefully monitored and investigated program. Right? Wrong! There are fewer than 100 people guarding against fraud in this system that has more than 47 Million clients. The article that supports this claim is here.

Pretty bad, huh? Yes, I certainly agree. But if that is bad, how much worse is it for the other 125 welfare programs that the government manages to keep around? Yes, there are that many. See it here.

We have the government that we deserve. We let it grow because the ruling class wants it big – and growing. And both parties are to blame.  And, in the end, so are we.


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