Immigration Reform Bill – the Bill


You have seen any number of articles and posts – including here – about the perils of “comprehensive immigration reform”. We tried that already, in 1986, and it did not work so well, did it?

But I want to veer off of the arguments about the merits of the idea, and talk about the bill, itself. According to Breitbart News, the bill has swelled to well over 1,000 pages. Read the Breitbart article here.

A bill that swells like that only means two things:
1) The legislators that started the effort handed it off to lobbyists. The original intent (if any) has long since been lost.
2) A bill this long hands the real work off to the unelected bureaucracies to write the final regulations. So, we have no idea what it really means.

It is not too late. The Senate and the House return to “work” next week. I encourage all of you to contact both your representatives and senators to actively oppose “Immigration Reform” (S 644).


More Coming out Against Common Core


The Common Core education “standards” and test are coming under increasing fire. Ever since the RNC came out in opposition, more and more voices are being heard. Common Core is not a good idea. In fact, it is a very bad idea, as you would surmise if you knew nothing more than it was spawned as an outgrowth of a UN effort, and has been funded and pushed by the far, far left Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

There is no shortage of articles available about Common Core, but most do not tie it all together in a coherent fashion. An article from the Eagle Forum landed today. It is clear and coherent. And I encourage you to read it here. And then. you need to take action. Contact your state reps and senators. Only the states can stop this, but they need a push. Your push.

The New Timeline on Tea Party Targeting


Like a curmudgeon, I want to harumph around for awhile. I doubted that the IRS just decided in 2010 to start targeting Tea Party, 9/12, and Pro Life groups for “deeper” inspection – and closer supervision.

Well, it seems that they, in fact, did not start this in 2010, at all. It was actually started by then candidate Obama in 2008. Doubt me? Then read the WSJ article here, and comment as to where the flaws are. It seems right to me. By the tax day rally on fountain square in 2010, we (meaning the Tea Party, Veterans, and assorted other patriots) had already been branded as “potential terrorists” by Big Sis” (Nepalotano). The government thought that they were picking on soft targets, mistaking the Republicans as hard targets.

This is not new, unfortunately.  It it the way we have been trending for quite awhile.  It is part of the reason that there is a Tea Party, and associated groups.  The very culture is sick.

He Cannot Blame Islamic Terrorists


Our “Dear Leader” just can’t do it. The word “terrorism” cannot seem to escape his lips. And Islamist Terrorism is strictly verboten for this (alleged) president and his administration.

Even after the assassination in London yesterday, where the two Islamist murderers proclaimed that they were driven by their “religion” to assassinate the soldier, Obama could not admit it. Even after PM Brown (UK) called it Islamic Terrorism, Obama could not say the words.

Is there something bigger at work here than just being a chicken?

Read the Heritage article here, and, if I am going wrong, please comment

Further Thoughts on “Education”


You have seen it here before. I am not a fan of our education system, and that was before the UN inspired debacle known as “Common Core”. I have conversed with home schoolers that felt absolutely compelled to withdraw from the public school system so that they could provide a true EDUCATION to their kids. True grit at work.

Today, Dr Thomas Sowell weighed in on this, with an article in the American Spectator that describes not only the lack of knowledge emanating from our school system, but even the lack of the ability to think for oneself. And, he provides the reasons, which you might want to think about before you read the article here.