The New Timeline on Tea Party Targeting


Like a curmudgeon, I want to harumph around for awhile. I doubted that the IRS just decided in 2010 to start targeting Tea Party, 9/12, and Pro Life groups for “deeper” inspection – and closer supervision.

Well, it seems that they, in fact, did not start this in 2010, at all. It was actually started by then candidate Obama in 2008. Doubt me? Then read the WSJ article here, and comment as to where the flaws are. It seems right to me. By the tax day rally on fountain square in 2010, we (meaning the Tea Party, Veterans, and assorted other patriots) had already been branded as “potential terrorists” by Big Sis” (Nepalotano). The government thought that they were picking on soft targets, mistaking the Republicans as hard targets.

This is not new, unfortunately.  It it the way we have been trending for quite awhile.  It is part of the reason that there is a Tea Party, and associated groups.  The very culture is sick.


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