Immigration Reform Bill – the Bill


You have seen any number of articles and posts – including here – about the perils of “comprehensive immigration reform”. We tried that already, in 1986, and it did not work so well, did it?

But I want to veer off of the arguments about the merits of the idea, and talk about the bill, itself. According to Breitbart News, the bill has swelled to well over 1,000 pages. Read the Breitbart article here.

A bill that swells like that only means two things:
1) The legislators that started the effort handed it off to lobbyists. The original intent (if any) has long since been lost.
2) A bill this long hands the real work off to the unelected bureaucracies to write the final regulations. So, we have no idea what it really means.

It is not too late. The Senate and the House return to “work” next week. I encourage all of you to contact both your representatives and senators to actively oppose “Immigration Reform” (S 644).


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