Amnesty; Rubio, Again


It is coming around, yet again. The immigration/amnesty proposal by the Senate “Gang of Eight” has come under fire on a number of fronts by both conservatives, and not so conservatives. So much so that Sen. Marco Rubio took to the airwaves to denounce “what the bill has become” and state on the Daily Caller that he could not even sign it without tightened border restrictions. WHAT?? You wrote it. What Changed?

The bill is finally starting to catch significant flack. Rubio, like all good progressives, is placing distance between himself and his bill, just to buy time. And no, the “progressive” tag was not an error. He sure as heck is not a conservative.

But Daniel Horowitz of Red State has a much clearer, more coherent view that you should read here.

As always, your feedback is welcome.


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