Defining Marriage: Left and Right


I subscribe to Pew Research just to keep track of what the left wing nuts are thinking, and to know what the next news cycle will be promoting. This week, it was a poll that Pew claims 81% of the electorate view a redefinition of “marriage” as inevitable. And that number has been repeated reliably in the media, none of whom seem to have dug down into the poll that is actually published on the Pew web site. Right now, homosexual marriage is still in disfavor (according to their own poll), despite the best efforts of the homosexual lobby, including Pew.

Enter Heritage. Unabashedly conservative, and forthrightly in favor of traditional marriage, they take on Pew, and thoroughly dismantle the position in a fairly short article that you should read here. And there are links within the article that are well worthwhile, including a downloadable pamphlet.


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