And the Consituition Withers


The recent events circling around the NSA are bringing back old questions, with new intensity and focus. How can the Patriot act and the FISA courts allow non-stop surveillance of phone records for US Citizens? And how can the same act and the same courts approve the same level of surveillance for the internet, including E-mail, and social media? (Yes, I know that they say that this is for offshore people, but I also know that this supposed “wall” has been breached numerous times.)

So, how the heck did we get here? Where the 4th Amendment of the Constitution is merely scrap paper? It has been a while in the doing, but shredding, or at least twisting the Constitution has been a long held goal of the left. In this case, the American Thinker has a case made as to what happened to shred the Constitution, and why.  Please Read it here.

Now, how the heck do we reverse course?


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