We are nearing the end. How it Happens.


We are on a path that could (will) lead to the destruction of the GOP, and the creation of a schism between the GOP and Conservatives that would be irreparable. How so? The GOP is in love with consultants such as Karl Rove and GPS Crossroads.

These are the folks that gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney, and have totally dismissed The Tea Party, not to mention Libertarians. (See Chris Christie today, in his slur attack on Rand Paul). I have railed against them before, but NOW it is more important.

The RNC and the consultants are all aligned to prevent the defunding of Obamacare. Yes. You read that right. Read a Red State article here to prove that I have not taken leave of my senses.

Then, get mad. Contact Mr. Portman and Mr Wenstrup (Sorry, you KY folks need to get to your own guys), and tell them that they must follow Sen. Lee, and de-fund Obamacare completely.

If we do not, America will become just another Socialist Dictatorship.


ObamaCare and Ohio. And the rest, too.


Well, Obamacare is here, and there are effects are coming into focus, at least for Ohio. Jason Hart, of Red State, has an article here that details the costs for Ohio for this impending disaster.

But, that is only the beginning. A number of respected sites have announced that Obamacare must be stopped, and defunding is the only realistic alternative to stopping it.

Unfortunately, Rob Portman is NOT on board. Your calls to 513-684-3265 may help. (www.portman,senate.gov)

Regardless, please see the RS article about the meaning of Obamacare in Ohio. Ted will expand at the 8/6 meeting.

Losing Freedom, in Small Bits


For the most part, when we talk about freedoms or liberty, it is in big cases. Gun rights. Law of the sea. Presidential appointments. And so on.

Yes these all make news, and grab attention. And yes, they are all worthy of our time. But, behind the scenes, there are far more things going on that we should be paying attention to, but are probably not.

A case in point is my own small township. Batavia, OH. In this case, at least one of the Trustees and the Township Administrator want to strip us of the freedom to choose our own garbage hauling service, and dictate the one we will use. They claim that we will save some money, but so what? We no longer will be in control of our own fate.

And no, this is not in Russia or China. The proletariat that wants to execute this – without a public vote – is right here in Ohio, in the USA. And they report on it as if it is a good thing – here.

Every month, I report on Limited Government and Free Markets. This move by the Batavia Trustees expands government, and trashes free markets. In an allegedly Republican county.

Government Out Of Control?


Lately, there have been a number of articles denouncing “out of control” government agencies.

The IRS (two categories), the DOJ (four categories), the Dept. of State (two categories), the DOE (umpteen failed green energy projects), and on. and on.

But are they really “out of control”? I aver that they are operating exactly as planned and directed by the administration (regime)that is “fundamentally transforming” the country, as Obama promised on any number of occasions. And, if I am right, then there is yet another department that is operating well outside of the curbs that were allegedly placed on it by congress. And this one can do more damage to freedom and the country than the rest of them combined. It is the EPA, and the American Spectator published an excellent article on the direction of the EPA that you can (and should) read here.

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