Government Out Of Control?


Lately, there have been a number of articles denouncing “out of control” government agencies.

The IRS (two categories), the DOJ (four categories), the Dept. of State (two categories), the DOE (umpteen failed green energy projects), and on. and on.

But are they really “out of control”? I aver that they are operating exactly as planned and directed by the administration (regime)that is “fundamentally transforming” the country, as Obama promised on any number of occasions. And, if I am right, then there is yet another department that is operating well outside of the curbs that were allegedly placed on it by congress. And this one can do more damage to freedom and the country than the rest of them combined. It is the EPA, and the American Spectator published an excellent article on the direction of the EPA that you can (and should) read here.

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