Losing Freedom, in Small Bits


For the most part, when we talk about freedoms or liberty, it is in big cases. Gun rights. Law of the sea. Presidential appointments. And so on.

Yes these all make news, and grab attention. And yes, they are all worthy of our time. But, behind the scenes, there are far more things going on that we should be paying attention to, but are probably not.

A case in point is my own small township. Batavia, OH. In this case, at least one of the Trustees and the Township Administrator want to strip us of the freedom to choose our own garbage hauling service, and dictate the one we will use. They claim that we will save some money, but so what? We no longer will be in control of our own fate.

And no, this is not in Russia or China. The proletariat that wants to execute this – without a public vote – is right here in Ohio, in the USA. And they report on it as if it is a good thing – here.

Every month, I report on Limited Government and Free Markets. This move by the Batavia Trustees expands government, and trashes free markets. In an allegedly Republican county.


2 thoughts on “Losing Freedom, in Small Bits

  1. Dale Foertsch says:

    Well stated, it is death by a thousand cuts, cutting our liberties,the right to free choice and free markets.

  2. WC litzinger says:

    Even in Arkansas the city of Springdale gave me a warning ticket for parking my car on my grass in my own yard! They said a neighbor complained. Who is my accuser I ask, we can’t say it is confidential!
    Also a Republican strong hold! I checked parking on your own grass is a law on the books. WTFO? W.C. LITZINGER

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