We are nearing the end. How it Happens.


We are on a path that could (will) lead to the destruction of the GOP, and the creation of a schism between the GOP and Conservatives that would be irreparable. How so? The GOP is in love with consultants such as Karl Rove and GPS Crossroads.

These are the folks that gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney, and have totally dismissed The Tea Party, not to mention Libertarians. (See Chris Christie today, in his slur attack on Rand Paul). I have railed against them before, but NOW it is more important.

The RNC and the consultants are all aligned to prevent the defunding of Obamacare. Yes. You read that right. Read a Red State article here to prove that I have not taken leave of my senses.

Then, get mad. Contact Mr. Portman and Mr Wenstrup (Sorry, you KY folks need to get to your own guys), and tell them that they must follow Sen. Lee, and de-fund Obamacare completely.

If we do not, America will become just another Socialist Dictatorship.


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