More on Obama Care. Reject it.


Congress is about to return from recess (vacation), and two huge obstacles are looming. The biggest is the need to pass a Continuing Resolution to keep the government running. Buried within that is the funding for Obamacare. Several Senators, and 80 Congressmen (thank you, Brad Wenstrup) have come out against funding Obamacare in the CR. Include everything else, but defund Obamacare entirely. This is a truly great idea, but it does not have enough support, yet. You can help by signing Ted Cruz’s petition, here. Amplify your local voice in opposition to this monstrosity by understanding the 10 biggest reasons for opposition at the article here.

The blood on this one will not even be dry when the debt ceiling battle starts. We will be out of room to borrow by October 10. The wailing and gnashing of teeth will start almost immediately. Once again, the cry will be that we (Conservatives, Libertarians) are somehow at fault even though the vast majority of us hold no real government power.

Regardless, who cares? I am all in favor of a government shutdown. In fact, I favor one that is more expansive than current law allows. Maybe we can accomplish two things. 1) Illustrate how little that we (the Country Class) actually need the leviathan government. 2) Show that savings are indeed, achievable’


More GOP Consultant Treason


This is becoming an all too familiar event. First, It was Karl Rove, and his “Crossroads GPS” PAC that stated that they will not allow conservatives to win primaries against the ruling class. And, he seems to be playing the game in exactly that way.

Now, a new low. Boyd Marcus, who is a consultant to Eric Cantor (yes, you read that right) has jumped ship to work for Terry McAuliffe the Democrat, against Ken Cuccinneli, the Republican, in the Governor’s race in Virginia.  Yes, that Terry McAuliffe, the former Clinton staffer.

Think about that for a moment. The consultant for the majority leader in the house is the lead guy working against the Republican nominee in Virginia. Think that Karl Rove might be involved? It cannot be proven – yet. But it smells like the bovine scatology that follows Karl,

Here is a Red State article that will shed a little more light.

And you are going to contribute just how much to the RNC, RNCC, or RNSC? My suggestion is $0.

Another Pass at Rubio, the Traitor to Conservatives


In a prior post on this site, I called Marco Rubio a traitor to conservatives and conservatism for his support of the “Gang of Eight”, and their call for amnesty for 11 – 30 Million Illegals. All this will mean is that the Mexicans will have finally won the Mexican – American War.

I still feel the same about Rubio, but after reading his explanation. along with John Hayword’s analysis, I am even more upset. Rubio is just the tip of a very deep iceberg. Please read the Red State article here, to get a deeper understanding of the entire issue.

2014 is right around the corner. We need both candidates and money to take the cowards out.

Virginia Election, Meets Ohio


No, the next election that really means something (nationally) is not in Clermont County. Nor is it in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana. It is in Virginia.

So what, you might ask. Well, Virginia is a swing state, too. And Ken Cuccinelli is the current AG of Virginia, and is running for Governor. And, he was the first to file suits against Obamacare. He gets it, and he is both a true conservative and a Tea Party activist.

The problem is that he is running against Terry McAuliffe. Yeah, that guy. The former Clinton staffer, and current business scammer. The problem is that McAuliffe brings both Clinton and Union money to the campaign.

And so far, the Tea Parties are not standing behind Ken, financially. See a full report from Red State, here. Then donate, please.

Republican Perfidy


Yes, perfidy, as in “violation of trust; treachery”.

Ted, I, and others in the Clermont Tea Party and other Liberty groups have touched on this on multiple times. As has Rush and Mark Levin. The RNC and state Republican organizations do not like, let alone respect, the conservative base. Disdain is way too kind a word for the way the “Ruling Class” (Jeffery Lord) or “Royals” (Rick Herron) really feel about the conservative base of the party.

This hit home with a sledgehammer today in a Red State article by Daniel Horowitz about the Republican plans for the August recess. The article is here, and I ask that you read it now. It will open on another tab, so that you can come right back. I will wait until you are done reading.

So, what do you think now? Are they really ready to trade in conservatives on 11 Million illegals? I am betting yes. I have a great deal of respect for Daniel Horowitz and his creation, the Madison Project. And given that Mark Levin is saying similar things (in Liberty and Tyranny for example), I give it even greater credence.

So, what to do? 1) Set the phone lines on FIRE during August. (OH2 513-474-7777 Brad Wenstrup). 2) Do NOT, under any circumstances donate even $1 to the RNC, RNCC, RNSC, or any of the state parties. Pick your individual candidates, and donate directly. Look for Tea Party support (Local, Tea Party Patriots, FreedomWorks, Red State). 3) Help your local Tea Party or Liberty group find qualified and willing candidates to run against any and all incumbents. Willing and able go along way here. We can coach qualifications.

Medicaid in Ohio, Again


Once upon a time, we, in Ohio thought that once the Legislature and Senate rejected the expansion Of Medicaid in the budget, the story was over. But no. John Kasich keeps bringing it back, and has joined forces with the Democrats and crony corporatist hospitals to try to get the Medicaid (Obamacare) expansion voted on yet again – despite our Constitutional Amendment that was supposed to forestall Obamacare.

Now, all of the Socialist newspapers (meaning all of them) in Ohio have joined hands to help Kasich push even harder for Medicaid, and the furtherance of socialized medicine. Jason Hart of Red State has a better article here. Please read it.