Medicaid in Ohio, Again


Once upon a time, we, in Ohio thought that once the Legislature and Senate rejected the expansion Of Medicaid in the budget, the story was over. But no. John Kasich keeps bringing it back, and has joined forces with the Democrats and crony corporatist hospitals to try to get the Medicaid (Obamacare) expansion voted on yet again – despite our Constitutional Amendment that was supposed to forestall Obamacare.

Now, all of the Socialist newspapers (meaning all of them) in Ohio have joined hands to help Kasich push even harder for Medicaid, and the furtherance of socialized medicine. Jason Hart of Red State has a better article here. Please read it.


One thought on “Medicaid in Ohio, Again

  1. Can’t wait until a true conservative can replace him. The Ohio GOP (ORP) could have an army in a heartbeat if they would work with the Tea Parties and Frederick Douglas group.

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