Republican Perfidy


Yes, perfidy, as in “violation of trust; treachery”.

Ted, I, and others in the Clermont Tea Party and other Liberty groups have touched on this on multiple times. As has Rush and Mark Levin. The RNC and state Republican organizations do not like, let alone respect, the conservative base. Disdain is way too kind a word for the way the “Ruling Class” (Jeffery Lord) or “Royals” (Rick Herron) really feel about the conservative base of the party.

This hit home with a sledgehammer today in a Red State article by Daniel Horowitz about the Republican plans for the August recess. The article is here, and I ask that you read it now. It will open on another tab, so that you can come right back. I will wait until you are done reading.

So, what do you think now? Are they really ready to trade in conservatives on 11 Million illegals? I am betting yes. I have a great deal of respect for Daniel Horowitz and his creation, the Madison Project. And given that Mark Levin is saying similar things (in Liberty and Tyranny for example), I give it even greater credence.

So, what to do? 1) Set the phone lines on FIRE during August. (OH2 513-474-7777 Brad Wenstrup). 2) Do NOT, under any circumstances donate even $1 to the RNC, RNCC, RNSC, or any of the state parties. Pick your individual candidates, and donate directly. Look for Tea Party support (Local, Tea Party Patriots, FreedomWorks, Red State). 3) Help your local Tea Party or Liberty group find qualified and willing candidates to run against any and all incumbents. Willing and able go along way here. We can coach qualifications.


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