More GOP Consultant Treason


This is becoming an all too familiar event. First, It was Karl Rove, and his “Crossroads GPS” PAC that stated that they will not allow conservatives to win primaries against the ruling class. And, he seems to be playing the game in exactly that way.

Now, a new low. Boyd Marcus, who is a consultant to Eric Cantor (yes, you read that right) has jumped ship to work for Terry McAuliffe the Democrat, against Ken Cuccinneli, the Republican, in the Governor’s race in Virginia.  Yes, that Terry McAuliffe, the former Clinton staffer.

Think about that for a moment. The consultant for the majority leader in the house is the lead guy working against the Republican nominee in Virginia. Think that Karl Rove might be involved? It cannot be proven – yet. But it smells like the bovine scatology that follows Karl,

Here is a Red State article that will shed a little more light.

And you are going to contribute just how much to the RNC, RNCC, or RNSC? My suggestion is $0.


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