More on Obama Care. Reject it.


Congress is about to return from recess (vacation), and two huge obstacles are looming. The biggest is the need to pass a Continuing Resolution to keep the government running. Buried within that is the funding for Obamacare. Several Senators, and 80 Congressmen (thank you, Brad Wenstrup) have come out against funding Obamacare in the CR. Include everything else, but defund Obamacare entirely. This is a truly great idea, but it does not have enough support, yet. You can help by signing Ted Cruz’s petition, here. Amplify your local voice in opposition to this monstrosity by understanding the 10 biggest reasons for opposition at the article here.

The blood on this one will not even be dry when the debt ceiling battle starts. We will be out of room to borrow by October 10. The wailing and gnashing of teeth will start almost immediately. Once again, the cry will be that we (Conservatives, Libertarians) are somehow at fault even though the vast majority of us hold no real government power.

Regardless, who cares? I am all in favor of a government shutdown. In fact, I favor one that is more expansive than current law allows. Maybe we can accomplish two things. 1) Illustrate how little that we (the Country Class) actually need the leviathan government. 2) Show that savings are indeed, achievable’


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