Islamist Terror in Kenya


Remember the attack by al Shabab on the mall in Nairobi, Kenya, last week? This is not exactly old news. But what you have not read is that this was a Terrorist attack by Islamist Jihadists. Why? Because the Obama administration is, in effect, the Islamist protection society.

What else have you not seen or read? That would be the horrendous depths of depravity that the Islamist slime perpetrated on the unfortunate “hostages” that they captured. And you will not find it reported in any MSM, including Fox in the US, as they are busy covering for the Muslims (and the Administration), too.

But it is reported in the UK Daily Mail. Warning! The reporting is both graphic and stomach turning. You can read the Daily Mail article here.

Done? Disgusted? The factual reporting was fearful. The silence of the administration and the press is terrifying. The implication that they are in the pocket of the Islamists is more so.

Religion of peace, my ass. This is a religion of terrorists, murderers, and sadists. And yes. I know that I have just marked myself, but Humanity, Duty, and Honesty call.


Giving Up On Obamacare


Not long after Reid shut Ted Cruz off, the senate voted for cloture. They will now bring the bill forward, and there will be another fight about amendments – or the lack thereof.

But to what end? The same pack of slugs (McConnell, Cornyn, etc) will display an utter lack of courage, and give in to Reid once more.

Eventually, it goes back to the house. There at least most listen to the people. There may be a glimmer of hope.

But not if the Republican ruling class (elites) can help it. They want Big Government, too. Red State makes the case here.

How to fix it?

Obamacare Is Just The Starting Point


If you pay attention to the mainstream media, you probably think that the only thing the Democrats (and some Republicans) care about is insuring the continued funding of Obamacare. Is it important to them? Yes, but it is just the beginning of an even bigger fight.

The democrats enter the debt ceiling fight with the stated position that THEY would rather see the government shut down than to try to govern without huge increases in spending. This year’s levels are simply not enough. Heritage has an excellent article on the topic here.

The opening salvo was Nancy Pelosi saying that there was nothing in the budget left to cut. This has now been picked up and amplified by others in party leadership.

For my own part, I say “Go for it”. I am sure that the USA can get by without government. (As you know, essential services must continue.)

The Ruling Class Strikes Ted Cruz


I am almost speechless. I cannot believe that the ruling class is so upset with Ted Cruz that they would not only trash him on Fox News, but offer false “oppo research” to Chris Wallace to bring him down. If I ever had any faith in the Republican party, it evaporated in this article from Breitbart.

And, my skepticism is further supported by Sarah Palin, which you can read here as well. She, more than darned near anyone, has endured and survived innumerable attacks by the Republican Elite (establishment) and has thrived in spite of them.

This is repetitive, now. If you support the RNC, RNCC, RNSC. or ORP, you are not only a fool, but you are being counter to the actual folks that have a chance to save us from ourselves.

Obama’s Coal Plant Campaign Promise


Obama made innumerable campaign promises in 2008. Most of them, such as “the most transparent administration”, and dozens of others turned out to be lies. But he is well on his way to “fundamentally transforming” this country, and not in a way that any right thinking person could have even envisioned, let alone agree with.

He is also fulfilling his promise to the extreme environmental left. He promised to “bankrupt” anyone that built a coal plant, Many of the regulations to do that take place this month. Red State has a very good article here that is truly frightening.

Add that to the explosion in food stamps, people on disability, the reduction in workforce participation, and the looming specter of Obamacare, and you get the edges of the outline of his “transformation”.

Be afraid, but not paralyzed. Take action in conjunction with your local Tea Party, Tea Party Patriots, or Heritage Action for America.

Green Energy: Another Goof


The large scale failures of “Green” energy are both extensive and relatively well documented – at least in the conservative news and blogosphere. Wind power is rife with failures, from the collapse of the California mountain grid, to the slaughter of birds of all kinds, to its’ notorious unreliability.

Solar is even more poorly positioned. Even when financed by government loans, almost all of the companies that made the equipment went bust. Solyndra, anyone?

But what about the solar electric panels that made it, and are installed? It seems that they are creating unintended problems, too. And just not for their owners, either. Seems that they are a hazard to our first responders as well. The American Thinker has an article here that explains the problem well.

And, just think. All of this was created to combat a problem that recent science has proven does not exist. Global Warming was shot down, and even the IPCC is not able to save it.

Big Brother: More Than Watching


Were you taken aback when you learned about the Feds collecting all of the metadata from your (and everyone’s) phone? Or alarmed when you found out that the NSA was monitoring all electronic communications, and surreptitiously feeding information to the DEA (and others)?

Well, strap yourself in. Now you will learn that Obamacare is going to turn your doctor and other medical resources into a spy network to grab, record, and use all the details of your life, including your sex life, diet, drinking habits, drug use (legal and otherwise), and so forth against you. And YOU are supposed to supply all the information that your doctor is being forced to ask about.

A New York Post article about this is here. I hope that you noticed that there is a way out. Your doctor must ask you. You DO NOT have to answer. You can politely (or rudely) decline. I, for one, certainly suggest you do.