Plumbing New Depths with Common Core


We knew that more and more problems with Common Core Standards would be uncovered in short order. It will only get worse as the standards, tests, and materials are actually developed. Currently, they are mostly just fuzzy plans that are only now starting to take solid form.

Well, here is an example of some of the curricula that has taken form. And I rather doubt that you would want your kids (or grand-kids) subjected to it. Read the Breitbart article here. Did you like that? Thought not. Now, let your state senators and representatives know about it.


One thought on “Plumbing New Depths with Common Core

  1. Jeff says:

    Unfortunately, these type of books have been in school libraries for a long time. I recall reading something just as graphic checked out from the library at the middle school. The book was about a kid and his dream to play sports, but a good portion of the book was spent on the other topic of sex. This is a bit worse, as it’s now promoting these authors rather than just making it available.

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