Big Brother: More Than Watching


Were you taken aback when you learned about the Feds collecting all of the metadata from your (and everyone’s) phone? Or alarmed when you found out that the NSA was monitoring all electronic communications, and surreptitiously feeding information to the DEA (and others)?

Well, strap yourself in. Now you will learn that Obamacare is going to turn your doctor and other medical resources into a spy network to grab, record, and use all the details of your life, including your sex life, diet, drinking habits, drug use (legal and otherwise), and so forth against you. And YOU are supposed to supply all the information that your doctor is being forced to ask about.

A New York Post article about this is here. I hope that you noticed that there is a way out. Your doctor must ask you. You DO NOT have to answer. You can politely (or rudely) decline. I, for one, certainly suggest you do.


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