Islamist Terror in Kenya


Remember the attack by al Shabab on the mall in Nairobi, Kenya, last week? This is not exactly old news. But what you have not read is that this was a Terrorist attack by Islamist Jihadists. Why? Because the Obama administration is, in effect, the Islamist protection society.

What else have you not seen or read? That would be the horrendous depths of depravity that the Islamist slime perpetrated on the unfortunate “hostages” that they captured. And you will not find it reported in any MSM, including Fox in the US, as they are busy covering for the Muslims (and the Administration), too.

But it is reported in the UK Daily Mail. Warning! The reporting is both graphic and stomach turning. You can read the Daily Mail article here.

Done? Disgusted? The factual reporting was fearful. The silence of the administration and the press is terrifying. The implication that they are in the pocket of the Islamists is more so.

Religion of peace, my ass. This is a religion of terrorists, murderers, and sadists. And yes. I know that I have just marked myself, but Humanity, Duty, and Honesty call.


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