Phony Scandals?? Try again.


Do you remember when Obama dismissed Benghazi as a phony scandal? Me too. Well, it was not phony, and it is a scandal. Despite the administrations pleadings that the cover up is not a scandal, it is, and Obama and co. need to pay. Just read the latest Fox News article here. Not political? Yes it is. It is just one more cover up for the Islamists.

For more detail on the failure of the Government to chase the culprits, and the lack of a reward, see here.


The Continuing Debacle That is Government


As bad as the revelation last night was, it turns out that blowing $4.2 Billion on illegal child tax credits is merely pocket change for the IRS. It seems that they cannot even manage their core duties, and have blown another $13.6 Billion in mishandling the Earned Income Tax Credit across the US. Human Events has the story, here.

As unbelievable as it seems, this is really just one more incidence of incompetence in a Federal Department that employs nearly 100,000. How many incompetent people are there, wasting our time and our taxes?

AND, we have entrusted the oversight of our entire health care system to this entity (IRS) that cannot even manage to get the taxes administered correctly. Anyone else scared?

The IRS and Illegals


We are very distracted with the rather dismal failure of the ObamaCare web site. But, what the heck. That was a mere $634 million waste of taxpayer (yours and my) money. So what if it wasn’t tested properly before it went live? So what if the “no-bid” contract went to a Canadian company (CIC) that has had nothing but a record of failure since 2007?

That is small change, in context. In a shorter period of time, the IRS has managed to spend (give) $4.2 Billion to illegal aliens in the form of tax credits. Payments for their kids, which may well be in violation of the law. Please read the Fox News article here.

Done? See what I was getting at? Blowing $634 Million on a non functional, no bid web site is a screaming bargain. At least compared to $4.2 Billion supporting illegal immigrants.

Please explain exactly why we now want amnesty for the illegals. Seems to me that they already get me to pay for the benefits anyway……….

A Familiar Theme – Google is Evil


I guess if you are in favor of big government and cronyism. you will find the title offensive. In that case, this blog is not for you, anyway.

For those of you that are familiar with the blog, I am only returning to a rather old theme. Google is Evil, but it is now even more so, as it is partners with the NSA in spying on all of us. And, since this is a “Public/Private Partnership”, as the politicians are wont to promote, who knows where the data and knowledge goes? Well, Edward Snowden for one, but where else?

There is a very good article that you should read here. Are you starting to come around to my way of thinking now? They can (and did) cause companies to be shut down – just because they can. They own the NSA data. How much of that is yours? Think about that with your next Gmail message……

The Republican Cave In Continues.


As predicted here yesterday (Friday, 10/11), Boehner and the alleged leadership presented a budget/debt ceiling/sequestration cut plan that gave Obama everything that he had asked for. A complete and utter cave-in, not to mention a complete abandonment of principles.

And what did they get for groveling? Obama rejected the “deal” out of hand in his weekly radio address. Not nearly good enough, now. Then, Harry Reid kicked Susan Collins to the curb, rejecting an even better deal. Breitbart has a very good summary here.

The reaction of our Republican “leaders”? Instead of telling Mr. Imperious the he had just seen the last and final offer, which is now withdrawn, Boehner and Collins have both crawled back to their kennels to figure out a way to give away even more.

Excuse me, but what is it going to take for Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McConnell, Collins, et. al. to grow at least a vestige of a spine? At some point they collectively need to tell Obama and Reid to go to hell in a very public and discourteous way. Otherwise, they will continue to be trod upon, and the entire country will suffer.

The only folks in Washington that seem to own a spine are the ones being derided by the Ruling Class.

RINOs Bringing Bad News for the Weekend


How convenient. Document dumps normally occur on Fridays to fly under the press’s radar. Most of the time, it works. Today is a dump of a different sort. According to Breitbart (and other sources), the alleged leadership of the Republicans in the house just dumped any pretense of principle, and the American people down the drain. A new “proposal”, otherwise known as an abject surrender has been prepared, and offered to end both the debt ceiling standoff, and the government shutdown by giving Reid/Obama everything they asked for, including a pullback of some of the sequestration cuts. See for yourself in the Breitbart article here.

And, the primary author was Paul Ryan. The motive is said to be payback to his union backers. That article is here.

If this goes through as currently planned, the Republican Party is toast. No conservative can ever support them again.

Debt Ceilings, Deficits, and Stupidity


Once again, the government wants to raise the debt ceiling. Only this time, Obama has gone from calling a rise in the debt ceiling a “failure of leadership” (2006) to claiming that a failure to do so will cause another recession, if not a depression.

Well, we have raised the dept ceiling on way too many occasions in the past. To get a good grip on how well that has worked, please read the CNS News article here – paying particular attention to the table at the end of the piece.

Not exactly an encouraging history, is it? But there are real structural (political) system faults that make the result likely. A short, very readable article from Breitbart is here that will go a long way to help explain it..

Unstated is the fact that we, as a people are seemingly unwilling to stand on our own feet, with individual responsibilities for our own welfare. The government candy store has become way too convenient and compelling.