Harry Reid Exposes Himself for What He Is


Harry Reid fielded a question today from Dana Bash of CNN about funding the NIH (National Institute of Health) as a stand alone bill.

His answer was absolutely shocking, and it exposed the meanness that comprises the very core that is Harry Reid. It also exposes the goals of the Democrats and the Obama (mis)administration for what they are – slimy, low, and self centered.

You haven’t heard about this? Didn’t think so.

The only full and complete report that I could find was in the UK Daily Mail. You can read it here. Note that WAPO tries to cover for him at the end. Once again, the best reporting about the US comes from the UK.

There is one other report, and it comes from Fox News. Contrary to what you could expect, Fox treats the story with kid gloves, and skips the controversial parts. The watered down version is here, if you care.


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