RINOs Bringing Bad News for the Weekend


How convenient. Document dumps normally occur on Fridays to fly under the press’s radar. Most of the time, it works. Today is a dump of a different sort. According to Breitbart (and other sources), the alleged leadership of the Republicans in the house just dumped any pretense of principle, and the American people down the drain. A new “proposal”, otherwise known as an abject surrender has been prepared, and offered to end both the debt ceiling standoff, and the government shutdown by giving Reid/Obama everything they asked for, including a pullback of some of the sequestration cuts. See for yourself in the Breitbart article here.

And, the primary author was Paul Ryan. The motive is said to be payback to his union backers. That article is here.

If this goes through as currently planned, the Republican Party is toast. No conservative can ever support them again.


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