The Republican Cave In Continues.


As predicted here yesterday (Friday, 10/11), Boehner and the alleged leadership presented a budget/debt ceiling/sequestration cut plan that gave Obama everything that he had asked for. A complete and utter cave-in, not to mention a complete abandonment of principles.

And what did they get for groveling? Obama rejected the “deal” out of hand in his weekly radio address. Not nearly good enough, now. Then, Harry Reid kicked Susan Collins to the curb, rejecting an even better deal. Breitbart has a very good summary here.

The reaction of our Republican “leaders”? Instead of telling Mr. Imperious the he had just seen the last and final offer, which is now withdrawn, Boehner and Collins have both crawled back to their kennels to figure out a way to give away even more.

Excuse me, but what is it going to take for Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McConnell, Collins, et. al. to grow at least a vestige of a spine? At some point they collectively need to tell Obama and Reid to go to hell in a very public and discourteous way. Otherwise, they will continue to be trod upon, and the entire country will suffer.

The only folks in Washington that seem to own a spine are the ones being derided by the Ruling Class.


One thought on “The Republican Cave In Continues.

  1. judy says:

    You don’t have to wonder where the yellow went, they went to Washington! I pray that we can get some of these people out in the 2012 election.

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