A Familiar Theme – Google is Evil


I guess if you are in favor of big government and cronyism. you will find the title offensive. In that case, this blog is not for you, anyway.

For those of you that are familiar with the blog, I am only returning to a rather old theme. Google is Evil, but it is now even more so, as it is partners with the NSA in spying on all of us. And, since this is a “Public/Private Partnership”, as the politicians are wont to promote, who knows where the data and knowledge goes? Well, Edward Snowden for one, but where else?

There is a very good article that you should read here. Are you starting to come around to my way of thinking now? They can (and did) cause companies to be shut down – just because they can. They own the NSA data. How much of that is yours? Think about that with your next Gmail message……


One thought on “A Familiar Theme – Google is Evil

  1. Cal says:

    I think if the shoe was on the other foot the democrats would be going to the houses of the Google leaders and protesting. I think if the world leaders of foreign countries, who are tired of the NSA and the US gov’t spying on them, and the USA common citizens who want to stop the spying on them, were to learn where these Google leaders live they could put pressure put on them. This is our right to privacy that is at stake here, which is no small deal. Sorry to seem radical but what Google and the US gov’t is doing is radical also.

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