The IRS and Illegals


We are very distracted with the rather dismal failure of the ObamaCare web site. But, what the heck. That was a mere $634 million waste of taxpayer (yours and my) money. So what if it wasn’t tested properly before it went live? So what if the “no-bid” contract went to a Canadian company (CIC) that has had nothing but a record of failure since 2007?

That is small change, in context. In a shorter period of time, the IRS has managed to spend (give) $4.2 Billion to illegal aliens in the form of tax credits. Payments for their kids, which may well be in violation of the law. Please read the Fox News article here.

Done? See what I was getting at? Blowing $634 Million on a non functional, no bid web site is a screaming bargain. At least compared to $4.2 Billion supporting illegal immigrants.

Please explain exactly why we now want amnesty for the illegals. Seems to me that they already get me to pay for the benefits anyway……….


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