Another Postponement – And More!


In the usual course of events, government document dumps occur on Friday afternoons, in the hope that no one is paying attention. Today is only Wednesday, but this is Thanksgiving week, and the government shut down this afternoon. Hence, the early document dump. (For those of you paying attention, the holiday government shutdown is far, far more extensive and complete than the August “slimdown”, and nobody will notice this one EITHER.)

So, what got dumped? Another “postponement” in Obamacare regulatory requirements. As reported by Fox News, the small business sign up requirement has been delayed until November, 2014 – conveniently after the mid term elections. The Fox article is here. And just to think: The whole shebang was supposed to be fixed by 30 November, but it is not. Not even close. And now the administration is worried more about the 2014 midterms than actually fixing the damned thing.

At the same time, the Washington Examiner reports that both doctors and insurance companies are bailing out of Obamacare, preferring the market risks to the shrunken payments offered by the “exchanges”. Read that one here.  Feel Better Now?  Nor do I.


Welcome to the brave new world.


Common Core – The Dark Side


The Common Core standards and tests have been discussed on this site before. I, and many others find them lacking – to the point of being dysfunctional. But that has not been sufficient to turn the tide back from implementing Common Core. The smell of taxpayer money is just too strong for most politicians (especially in Ohio) to resist.

But there is another side to it. The dark side. As you will see in Dr. Susan Berry’s article here, Common Core actually originated within the UN. It is a thoroughly socialist (communist) program, that tries to remake everyone in all countries into the vision of UN bureaucrats. No wonder Obama and Bill & Melinda Gates bought in entirely.

Did you like that article? I thought not. Now, do you really want Ohio to fall down that rat hole? No? Well you need to get on the phone and on Email to urge support for HB237, which is a call to repeal Common Core in Ohio. Be advised that this is an uphill fight. The Republican “leadership” is not in favor. The smell of money ( and Kasich’s backside) is just too strong.

Call anyway, and make them think about it again.

Undoing The “renewable” fuels


Conservatives have inveighed against the “Renewable Fuels Standard” since it was adopted on 2007. Among other things, it was, and is, a foolish use of corn, one of the base grains that feeds the world.

But then, for the same time frame, we were told that ethanol was a “clean” fuel, and good for the environment. Until now. The AP has published two major articles on how bad the expansion of corn production has been for the physical environment, and how little or no good it has done for “climate change”. Read the second article here.

To add insult to injury, the EPA scaled back the mandated ethanol mix from 18 billion barrels to 15 billion barrels. Why? Because that is all that the gas refiners can possibly take, given the reduction in the amount of gasoline being consumed. The nominal reason is the expansion of fuel economy in modern cars. Unstated is the effect of the continuing Great Obama Depression.

Regardless, the door to do away with this ridiculous standard has been at least cracked.  The reasons for getting rid of the RFS can be found in a well done Red State article here.  And, the house has four upcoming energy bill to come out of committee. Contact Brad Wenstrup (or your own congressman).

The big problem will be that this is essentially an industry that was created by the federal government, so crony corporatism thrives at each step of the product cycle. Expect that the corporatists and their sea of lobbyists are going to fight tooth and nail at every step. But it is a fight worth having. Would it not be great to score a win that actually improved the physical environment, erases one of the climate change canards, saves real money (big money), and drives the EPA out of one segment of our lives? You Bet.

Broken Government?


You have seen the accusations in the press, your favorite blogs, and elsewhere that our system of government is at least badly damaged, if not broken entirely. I am not willing to go quite that far, but dysfunctional would be a compliment.

How do we end up with so many disparate government parts that just do not work within the bounds of rational expectation? ObamaCare is just the example de jure. Think EPA, IRS, DHS, DOE (both), and so on – ad nauseum. How so? and how so widespread? The American Thinker had an article today that, while far from complete, goes a long way toward explaining why we are here. It starts a bit slow, with ObamaCare, but picks up speed pretty quickly. Read it here.

Depressed? I thought that you might be. But, there is hope that this can be changed. And no, it is not some new shiny thing. It is YOU. You have the power to help change what we have to what we know it should be. It does require effort on your part. You will need to get off the couch and do a little work, but it is not that tough. Heck. I did it.  You can, too. See what you need to do at the Ohio Precinct Project, here. For those of you in the other states, the process is similar. Your Secretary of State web site is a good place to start.

While You Weren’t Looking


Obamacare is busily sucking all of the oxygen out of the atmosphere, at least according to most of the press. Important? Certainly. It may well be THE defining issue of our time. But it is not the only issue. Beyond Obamacare, government continues to expand its’ power and scope beyond all reason, and hidden behind the screaming headlines of today. But our freedoms are being stolen behind the curtain.

The current case is trans fats. (Think, Crisco, Margarine, and the like.) They were originally developed to counter the alleged evils of saturated fats. (Think Butter, Lard, Olive Oil, etc.). It is interesting that the case for trans fats has never been made – either for or against. Based on current research, the same can be said about the case for saturated fats. But, we now have the FDA preparing to ban Trans Fats in the absence of any real proof of harm. has a good, but lengthy article on it here. Heritage has the Reader’s Digest version here. And, now that you are done reading, what is the point of this? To reduce choice and freedom. And to put all of us under even more Federal control.

But it is in your best interest – at least in the view of the bureaucratic apparatchiks in DC. And, if you think that it is but one small item not worth a protest, guess again. Salt and sugar are next on the FDA hit list. Read about it here.

So, what are you going to do about it?  Get involved!  I am biased.  Joint the Clermont County Tea  Party.  Not in Ohio?  No problem.  Join Heritage Action for America (different from Heritage), Tea Party Patriots, or FreedomWorks.  All are deserving, good folks that can help change the trajectory.  Spend some time learning about candidates, and contribute to their campaigns directly.  Do not support the traditional parties.  Your money will be wasted on a lot of things that will not help at all.

And, folks, the FDA is just a small example of how we are losing our liberty. The EPA, IRS, DOE (both) are far worse, but harder to pin down.