While You Weren’t Looking


Obamacare is busily sucking all of the oxygen out of the atmosphere, at least according to most of the press. Important? Certainly. It may well be THE defining issue of our time. But it is not the only issue. Beyond Obamacare, government continues to expand its’ power and scope beyond all reason, and hidden behind the screaming headlines of today. But our freedoms are being stolen behind the curtain.

The current case is trans fats. (Think, Crisco, Margarine, and the like.) They were originally developed to counter the alleged evils of saturated fats. (Think Butter, Lard, Olive Oil, etc.). It is interesting that the case for trans fats has never been made – either for or against. Based on current research, the same can be said about the case for saturated fats. But, we now have the FDA preparing to ban Trans Fats in the absence of any real proof of harm. Reason.com has a good, but lengthy article on it here. Heritage has the Reader’s Digest version here. And, now that you are done reading, what is the point of this? To reduce choice and freedom. And to put all of us under even more Federal control.

But it is in your best interest – at least in the view of the bureaucratic apparatchiks in DC. And, if you think that it is but one small item not worth a protest, guess again. Salt and sugar are next on the FDA hit list. Read about it here.

So, what are you going to do about it?  Get involved!  I am biased.  Joint the Clermont County Tea  Party.  Not in Ohio?  No problem.  Join Heritage Action for America (different from Heritage), Tea Party Patriots, or FreedomWorks.  All are deserving, good folks that can help change the trajectory.  Spend some time learning about candidates, and contribute to their campaigns directly.  Do not support the traditional parties.  Your money will be wasted on a lot of things that will not help at all.

And, folks, the FDA is just a small example of how we are losing our liberty. The EPA, IRS, DOE (both) are far worse, but harder to pin down.


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