Broken Government?


You have seen the accusations in the press, your favorite blogs, and elsewhere that our system of government is at least badly damaged, if not broken entirely. I am not willing to go quite that far, but dysfunctional would be a compliment.

How do we end up with so many disparate government parts that just do not work within the bounds of rational expectation? ObamaCare is just the example de jure. Think EPA, IRS, DHS, DOE (both), and so on – ad nauseum. How so? and how so widespread? The American Thinker had an article today that, while far from complete, goes a long way toward explaining why we are here. It starts a bit slow, with ObamaCare, but picks up speed pretty quickly. Read it here.

Depressed? I thought that you might be. But, there is hope that this can be changed. And no, it is not some new shiny thing. It is YOU. You have the power to help change what we have to what we know it should be. It does require effort on your part. You will need to get off the couch and do a little work, but it is not that tough. Heck. I did it.  You can, too. See what you need to do at the Ohio Precinct Project, here. For those of you in the other states, the process is similar. Your Secretary of State web site is a good place to start.


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