Undoing The “renewable” fuels


Conservatives have inveighed against the “Renewable Fuels Standard” since it was adopted on 2007. Among other things, it was, and is, a foolish use of corn, one of the base grains that feeds the world.

But then, for the same time frame, we were told that ethanol was a “clean” fuel, and good for the environment. Until now. The AP has published two major articles on how bad the expansion of corn production has been for the physical environment, and how little or no good it has done for “climate change”. Read the second article here.

To add insult to injury, the EPA scaled back the mandated ethanol mix from 18 billion barrels to 15 billion barrels. Why? Because that is all that the gas refiners can possibly take, given the reduction in the amount of gasoline being consumed. The nominal reason is the expansion of fuel economy in modern cars. Unstated is the effect of the continuing Great Obama Depression.

Regardless, the door to do away with this ridiculous standard has been at least cracked.  The reasons for getting rid of the RFS can be found in a well done Red State article here.  And, the house has four upcoming energy bill to come out of committee. Contact Brad Wenstrup (or your own congressman).

The big problem will be that this is essentially an industry that was created by the federal government, so crony corporatism thrives at each step of the product cycle. Expect that the corporatists and their sea of lobbyists are going to fight tooth and nail at every step. But it is a fight worth having. Would it not be great to score a win that actually improved the physical environment, erases one of the climate change canards, saves real money (big money), and drives the EPA out of one segment of our lives? You Bet.


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