Common Core – The Dark Side


The Common Core standards and tests have been discussed on this site before. I, and many others find them lacking – to the point of being dysfunctional. But that has not been sufficient to turn the tide back from implementing Common Core. The smell of taxpayer money is just too strong for most politicians (especially in Ohio) to resist.

But there is another side to it. The dark side. As you will see in Dr. Susan Berry’s article here, Common Core actually originated within the UN. It is a thoroughly socialist (communist) program, that tries to remake everyone in all countries into the vision of UN bureaucrats. No wonder Obama and Bill & Melinda Gates bought in entirely.

Did you like that article? I thought not. Now, do you really want Ohio to fall down that rat hole? No? Well you need to get on the phone and on Email to urge support for HB237, which is a call to repeal Common Core in Ohio. Be advised that this is an uphill fight. The Republican “leadership” is not in favor. The smell of money ( and Kasich’s backside) is just too strong.

Call anyway, and make them think about it again.


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