Another Postponement – And More!


In the usual course of events, government document dumps occur on Friday afternoons, in the hope that no one is paying attention. Today is only Wednesday, but this is Thanksgiving week, and the government shut down this afternoon. Hence, the early document dump. (For those of you paying attention, the holiday government shutdown is far, far more extensive and complete than the August “slimdown”, and nobody will notice this one EITHER.)

So, what got dumped? Another “postponement” in Obamacare regulatory requirements. As reported by Fox News, the small business sign up requirement has been delayed until November, 2014 – conveniently after the mid term elections. The Fox article is here. And just to think: The whole shebang was supposed to be fixed by 30 November, but it is not. Not even close. And now the administration is worried more about the 2014 midterms than actually fixing the damned thing.

At the same time, the Washington Examiner reports that both doctors and insurance companies are bailing out of Obamacare, preferring the market risks to the shrunken payments offered by the “exchanges”. Read that one here.  Feel Better Now?  Nor do I.


Welcome to the brave new world.


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